Hello one and all! Today is a new day and this is a new blog post. In keeping with the plan from my last post, I’ll be updating you on where I’m at with certain value categories in my life.


I finally decided to get my butt in gear and get started on my training plan.

I signed up for the Murfreesboro Half Marathon (a.k.a The Middle Half), which takes place on October 8, 2016. So I put together a training plan based on some internet templates and previous experience. The plan can be seen here.

I started on the first day and did 1 mile, but then it started raining and coming a thunderstorm, so I went inside. I then proceeded to not do anything else until today. I have decided my punishment remedy for this would be to make up the 15 miles I skipped by adding them to my training throughout the next few weeks.


Since my last post I have officially become a Buddhist. It’s just a small ceremony and I’m not sure all schools of Buddhism even do it, but ours does (Nyingma, which is the oldest Tibetan school of Buddhism). My practice has been lackluster, but I have tried to be more mindful when doing everyday things.


Today my wife and I spent some quality time at Costco. We mostly bought food items and looked at all the junk they sell in there and made fun of it. We had lunch at Pollo Tropical which is pretty good. I had a quarter chicken with waffle fries and a salad and the wife had boneless chicken breast with corn casserole and rice with veggies.