Well, I’m back where I started. After my last post I quickly spiraled back into my old eating and non-exercising patterns. I also stopped posting here.

I’m not sure what happened. I often struggle with this issue, looking for the causes of things, trying to figure out why I behave the way I do or why I don’t follow through with my commitments. I keep thinking that if I analyze things enough I will come up with some epiphone about how I can avoid screwing up in the future. I almost never do and continue making the same mistakes over and over.

I think the common thread in all of these things is that I forget what is important. So I thought I might end this post by listing out some things that are important to me that I keep forgetting.

  • Buddhism – I found Buddhism in mid-2015. I enjoy the people I have met and the teachings resonate with me.
  • Health – I enjoy being able to walk or run long distances without killing myself.
  • Relationships – I enjoy spending time with my wife and doing fun things with her.
  • Friends – I like hanging out with a select group of friends and having good conversations.
  • Public service – I regularly give blood platelets and volunteer for work at the Buddhist center. This brings me joy as well.

I think in the future I will start reporting on these values and others that I may not have mentioned here. It will be a good way to check in and remind myself that these things are important.