When I started losing weight again, I weighed 290 lbs (although I think my official starting point was 288 lbs when this blog began). Now I weigh 277 lbs as of this morning and have for the past week. I’ve also been struggling with my eating the past couple of days.

In my most recent attempts at losing weight, dating back 4 years, I have really started to struggle with losing more weight after losing 13 pounds. I don’t know if it’s the weight or the timing. Usually by this time I’m several weeks in and I start struggling to control my eating. It slowly gets out of hand and I fall back into my old patterns of eating way too much of a bunch of junk.

I’m a that point now, teetering, struggling with the urge to eat more, to comfort myself somehow with a shovel-full of food. Which way will it go this time?