Okay, so it is time to let living in the first world work to my advantage. There is no reason for eating to be my primary concern. I think all day about what my next meal is going to be. The first thing I think of when I’m going to be home alone is what can I stuff in my mouth while the wife’s not looking? It’s kinda ridiculous (especially since she usually doesn’t care what I eat).

So as I walked tonight (3 and a quarter miles in 57ish minutes), I got to thinking about this. I have no reason to think about eating so much. If there was doubt about from where my next meal might come, it might be an issue at that point. But for me, in my current situation, I should just never think about eating beyond picking something out, acquiring it, and actually sitting down to eating it. Picking something could take less than 5 minutes, getting it might be as easy as heading to the pantry, and while I’m eating it, I should be thinking about eating what I’m eating and not what is coming next. If I chose my foods correctly, I shouldn’t even have guilt to think about during my meal.

Life is what happens between the meals, the meals are just there to give me the energy to live.