My brother asked me where I came up with my training schedule that I showed in my last post. Was it an App? Did I use the new maths? No, I didn’t. The short answer is that I made it up. Shocking, I know, but there was a method to the madness.

First, I took a look at my goals and previous training experience and decided to work from there. I knew I wanted to run 4 days a week. I thought about making it 5 days, but from previous experience, I know that I start to get aches and pains running 5 or more days a week on a consistent basis (probably due to weight). I also wanted to run in the 20 to 25 miles a week range. Another consideration was my goal of running a 5K and half marathon double. I wanted to make sure I’d have enough mileage to prepare for that.

After consulting several training schedules that I found on the internets (just Google “half marathon training schedule” and you’ll come up with dozens), I started by picking the days I wanted to run and the days I wanted to take off. I then entered my race days and long runs, building distance progressively. I also picked a day to do cross training that might also serve as a running day or rest day. On race weeks, and the weeks prior to races, I built in a taper to make sure I was feeling good on race day. The remaining three days of the week consist of two short runs and a medium length run.

So it’s not scientific and I didn’t consult a doctor or running expert, but I think my plan will work for me.