One of the things you don’t tend to think about when you lose a lot of weight is your clothes, at least starting out. The first thing you notice is that sweatpants and other elastic waste band type clothes start to get a bit loose. Then you need to start wearing belts all the time and then you start having to make new holes in the belts because you just can’t get it tight enough anymore. Your shirts fit fine at first, but soon you start to look like you are wearing a dress or drapes and the neck holes start to creep towards your shoulders.

My biggest clothing revelation came this past weekend when I went to buy some new shorts. All of my shorts and pants are at least 44 inches in the waist, with most being 46, and a few pairs that are 48 inches. The 48s are from the time when I was at my fattest and couldn’t fit into the 46s. All of my clothes are just getting too big, so I took a trip to Old Navy this past weekend to find some cheap clothes to wear.

I started out by trying on some 38 inch shorts and an XL t-shirt. These fit pretty well and I almost made my way to to cash register, but then I decided I’d try a 36 inch waist and a large shirt just to see how it would go. To my amazement, the 36 inch shorts fit perfectly and even though the t-shirt was a bit tight, I decided to go ahead and get it (and several others). I can wear the shirts now, but I figure their tightness will be a little incentive to take off even more weight.

As I was putting my pants back on in the dressing room, I realized that they were 46s, my standard size for the past 10 years. And my new shorts were 36s. That’s 10 inches of difference! I’m pretty amazed every time I think about it.

In other news, I’m still running. I’ve started taking a running class through my local Fleet Feet store called Summer Speed Sessions. We are learning how to work out on a track and how to improve our speed for short distance races. Our first week we learned how to warm up and then run a time trial mile. I did mine at a 9:16 pace. Over the course of the summer we will do various interval training workouts based on that pace, either slightly higher, or slightly lower. After our training session this week, I was pretty much tapped out, but it felt good to get out there and give it my all. Training continues through August.

Also, my next big race is Saturday morning. It’s the RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival 10 miler in Bell Buckle, TN. My official goal time is 1:52:00, but with the heat (oppressive) and terrain (hilly), I’ll be happy with anything under 2 hours. Come on out and cheer me on or race if you dare!