And now for the results. I did pretty good, but did not reach 100% of my goals.

  1. Run at least two miles after getting off work Friday morning at a 10:55 or better pace. - I did this, but just barely. I ran 3.02 miles in 32:58 for a pace of exactly 10:55.
  2. No alcohol, beer, or fast food from from Friday through Sunday. - I’m calling this one half busted. I didn’t drink any beer or alcohol, but I did get a pizza delivered and ate at a chinese buffet. The spirit of this one was to make good eating choices and I didn’t do that.
  3. Map out a safe route and run from my apartment in Hermitage to my best friend’s apartment in Nashville (this should be almost exactly 13.1 miles) on Saturday. - Unfortunately it came a big thunderstorm Saturday morning and I felt it was unsafe to run in it. I also felt it was unsafe to run my route I’d picked out later in the day, so I ran 13.31 on the greenway instead. Since my main goal was to run at least 13.1 miles, I’m calling this one completed.
  4. Man up and run 4 miles on Sunday. - I almost talked myself out of this one, but managed to pull it off anyway. I was in some serious pain after my run Saturday and Sunday morning as well, but by the afternoon I felt like I could do it. I had a few problems, but still did an 11:06 pace which is pretty good for me.

Three out of four ain’t bad, but you can see where my problems are. I’ve slipped back into some old eating habits and that is pretty disappointing. My biggest problem is that I haven’t been to the grocery lately and I’ve run out of the quick and healthy snacks I was eating. I gotta get back into that or I’ll be in packing the pounds back on no matter how much I run.