After getting my butt kicked today on my first 80 degree day run, I thought I’d give a bit of an update.

First, I totally went out and did the butt kicking on Sunday, running 8 miles and doing 10K of it in less than my goal time of 1:10:00. I’m not sure exactly what my time was, but I know that I did 6.25 miles in 1:09:00ish time, so it was maybe in the 1:08:00 range. This was a big win after my little disaster on Saturday.

I’ve had some pretty typical runs since then until today. It was over 80° when I started running today and it really sapped my energy starting at about mile 2.5 (of a 5 mile run). I ended up walking the last mile just so I wouldn’t keel over and die of heat exhaustion on the greenway. I’m thinking I need to start running in the early morning again to avoid the heat of the day and cut down on my sun exposure.

I’ve also decided to participate in the Weekend Warriors Challenge. So to that end I am setting up a few “specific and measurable” goals for this weekend.

  1. Run at least two miles after getting off work Friday morning at a 10:55 or better pace.
  2. No alcohol, beer, or fast food from from Friday through Sunday.
  3. Map out a safe route and run from my apartment in Hermitage to my best friend’s apartment in Nashville (this should be almost exactly 13.1 miles) on Saturday.
  4. Man up and run 4 miles on Sunday. Some pretty good goals, huh? A tip of the hat to Scott at MinusFiveTimesTen for pointing me to the challenge. I’ll post my results on Monday.