I decided not to do my 4 mile run today. I’m already nursing a pulled tendon or muscle of some sort in my back and when I woke up today my left leg was pretty sore. With the Tom King 5K coming up Saturday morning, I decided to take a day off from running and let my body catch its breath.

So instead of a 4 mile run, I did a mile and a half round trip walk to the corner grocery to get a rotisserie chicken. I also picked up some fruit and a boxed spaghetti dinner. When I got home I made some brown rice to go with the chicken. It was all pretty good, but I get the feeling I might be putting some of weight back on that I lost last week. I’ve still got 5 days until my next weigh-in, so that’s plenty of time to get in some more exercise.

I’m still undecided on whether to run tomorrow or not. I’m helping a friend move when I get off work in the morning and I’m considering a quick 2 mile run just to keep my body loosened up and used to running. I’d hate to get to the race Saturday morning and be all tight and inflexible. I guess we’ll just see how I feel in the morning.