Sorry about not posting on Saturday as I normally would. I’ve started running every day and it’s hard to tell which day is a posting day and which isn’t. I might have to set myself a reminder.

Saturday was a big 9 mile run and it was also nice and sunny, although a bit cold when I started out. There was also some sort of running club there having a training run with tons of people at the greenway who had no qualms about walking 4 abreast in the middle of the road. I felt okay, but not at my peak. I started out running, but decided to walk up the hills since I wasn’t really feeling that great. It turned out to be a pretty good decision. 9 miles is more distance than I’ve ever done. I did get a nasty case of side stitches causing me to have to walk a whole mile while they subsided. I ran for a mile after that, walked up a hill for a quarter mile and then finished the last 1.75 miles running.

A couple more running club runners got in my way almost at the end. It was a couple I had passed at mile 8 and at mile 8.9 they roar past me and then slowed to almost a dead stop. I almost run into the back of them and probably should have. You’d think people in a running club would be more aware of what’s going on around them.

Over all it was a good workout that left me tired and sore. I celebrated by going over to Fleet Feet and getting a Nike+ Sportband. Now I can just go out and run without having to worry about trying to map out my route to get milage. It’s amazingly accurate. I also went to Five Guys and got a burger and fries to (more than) replace that 1000 calories I burned off running.

Today’s run was pretty typical. Four miles, ho hum. I’m getting really good at the 2 to 4 mile range and once I’m done with the half marathon in April, I’ll be working on increasing my speed in the 3 to 6 mile range as well as actually running up hills.

Training update: Weight: 227.2 lbs (5.8 lbs lost since last week, next week will be another 1 lb loss :D ) Exercise (3/5/2010): Ran 2.51 miles in 0:35:58 (14:20 pace) Exercise (3/6/2010): Ran 9 miles in 1:56:48 (12:59 pace) Exercise (3/7/2010): Ran 2.5 miles in 0:29:54 (11:58 pace, best pace so far!) Exercise (3/8/2010): Ran 3.43 miles in 0:44:26 (12:58 pace) Exercise: Ran 4.03 miles in 0:48:25 (12:01 pace)