I’ve flip-flopped my running schedule a bit. Before the change I was going to bed right after work and running when I got up in the afternoon (I work nights). I’m going to try running in the mornings before I go to sleep to see how it works out.

This morning it was snowing/raining as I headed out to my run. The plan called for 3 miles, but I decided to do 5K (3.1 miles) as training for the Tom King 5K I’ve entered into on March 13. When I walked out the door there was a little bit of very wet snow falling and as I headed over to the greenway it got harder. It was practically sleeting when I got there, but I did my 2 warm-up laps around the parking lot and headed out on my run.

My big goal was to run the entire distance without walking and I could tell almost immediately I was going to meet that goal. I felt great and ran better than I’ve ever run before. I didn’t even start to get winded until maybe the last quarter mile and even then I wasn’t breathing hard enough to stop running. I smashed my previous 5K best by three and a half minutes and my time was better by more than a full minute that my best 3 miler. All on a cold, wet day. It seems that I do best when the weather is against me. So if you’re thinking about doing the treadmill because it’s too cold or wet, maybe you should get out there and run and see if bad weather is your friend as well.

Training update: Weight: 233.0 lbs (1 lb lost since last week, slowly but surely) Exercise (yesterday): Ran 2 miles in 24 minutes and 43 seconds (12:22 pace) Exercise: Ran 3.1 miles in 37 minutes and 58 seconds (12:15 pace)