Today’s schedule called for 6 miles and 6 miles is what it got. A series of gaffs, omissions, and barriers made today’s workout a real challenge. Before I even left the house, I failed to limber myself up with The Stick. This has become part of my workout and something that is apparently even more important than I thought. To compound this mistake, I only did a very short warm-up walk. Dumb!

There was a barrier (literally) as I pulled into the greenway entrance. The gates were still locked… at 9am on a bright and sunny Saturday morning. Luckily I had mapped out my mileage, so I was able to go to the other end of the trail and start from there where there is no gate to keep me out. Grrr!

After the first mile there is a long hill that covers a quarter mile. I’ve been walking up this hill in the past, but today I decided to run up it instead. It was a bad move. I was spent at the top and I never really recovered from it. Stupid!

By mile five I was out of gas. I phoned in the rest of the distance, walking most of it and only running to pass a few people and for the last tenth of a mile. I really was trying, but I didn’t have much to give at that point. I missed my goal pace of 13:00 by seven seconds per mile. Bummer!

It wasn’t all bad though. I did beat my previous personal best for 6 miles by two minutes and I maintained a good pace that still puts me on track for a sub-3 hour half marathon. And the walking is now EASY. I don’t breathe hard or feel bad as I’m walking like I did when I started this whole thing.

Afterward, I went on a shopping spree. I headed over to Fleet Feet and picked up a technical shirt because they were on sale for $15. (As an aside my blog was featured in the Fleet Feet newsletter this week which is where I learned about the shirt sale. Welcome fellow Fleet Feet customers!) At the Fresh Market I got some dehydrated cantaloupe and curry powder. I also went to Target and got some boxer shorts that aren’t made out of cotton and I also got some tennis balls to use for massaging the bottoms of my feet. Good stuff!

Training update: Exercise: Walked and ran 6 miles in 1 hour, 18 minutes, and 40 seconds (13:07 pace)