Instead of running my normal 3 miles today, I decided to do 3.1 miles since that is equivalent to a 5K. Even though it’s not much more distance, I just wanted to see what kind of time I would get. I ended up doing it in 41:35 which means I need to shave off a minute and a half to get my time under 40 minutes for the 5K I’m doing on March 13. That gives me over two weeks to work on it. One thing that will help immediately is starting out running instead of at a slow walk for the first quarter mile. I’ll probably do some extra off the clock warm up walking instead of the on the clock warm up.

I’m also considering changing my workout plan. Right now I’m walking on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays and not doing anything on my off days. I’m supposed to be crosstraining on Wednesdays or Sundays, but so far I’ve only done that one time. I’m going to look at my options and see what I can add. I’ll probably add at least a short run to Wednesdays and maybe another one of my other off days. Now that my body is becoming used to the walking and running, I don’t think it will stress me too much to add some more.

Training update: Weight: 234.0 lbs (4.4 lbs lost since last week, this is uncharted territory for me) Waistline: 45.75 inches (that’s 0.5 inches lost since Feb 9) Exercise: Walked and ran 3.1 miles in 41 minutes and 35 seconds (13:24 pace, This is more of the standard way for runners to report their speed. It is the number of minutes and second per mile.)