I hoping to rope in a few unsuspecting Eminem fans with that title. Actually, it looks like today is 8 mile day in the Nashville run blogging community. Today was my 8 mile day as well, so I’m thinking we are probably following similar training schedules.

I got a late start today. My plan was to start at 2pm, do 6 miles and then meet up with a friend at 3:30pm and do the last two (or more) miles at a slower pace. Well, I woke up at 3pm and there was a text from my friend asking if we could reschedule to tomorrow. I called her back and left her a voicemail telling her I had overslept and that tomorrow would be fine. Then I got up and piddled around a bit and drank some water since I’m mildly dehydrated. I also took a shower while I waited for my running clothes to dry. I didn’t get to the greenway until 4:30pm. Since it closes at dusk, it was going to be a race against time to get in my 8 miles.

I started with my slow warm up and then ran for a mile. I walked up most of the big hills although I did run up a few. The greenway was also not flooded for the first time in a month, so I got to go from the dam all the way to the Kohl’s parking lot. I ended up doing at least 4 miles of running although I wasn’t really keeping track past mile 6. That’s where I pretty much ran out of gas although I did run past that point. I didn’t eat very much yesterday and I wasn’t properly hydrated. I got up late today and didn’t eat anything and only drank one glass of water. I should have at least eaten an energy bar and drank another glass of water before heading out today. All is well though. I had no calf or shin pain to speak of and I was still able to maintain a pace that keeps me on target for a sub 3 hour half marathon time.

Another big piece of news is that I have signed up for the Tom King 5K here in Nashville on March 13. I was checking it out and noticed that one of my old high school buddies had run it last year. It was his first race and I think it might be good for me to try it since my 5K times are similar to what he ran. He said he might do it again this year, just to see what improvements he has made. It would be nice if he did just to have someone else there that I know and to see what he’s been up to for the last 16 years.

Training update: Exercise: Walked and ran 8 miles in 1 hour, 48 minutes, and 59 seconds (4.4 mph)