Today was my second day out with my new shoes from Fleet Feet Sports. I have to say that the leg pain I’ve been experiencing was not as bad today and it could be the shoes. Of course it could be the other things I’m doing differently as well.

  • A slow walking warmup around the parking lot and for the first quarter mile.
  • No pre-walk stretches.
  • A much slower running pace that is barely faster than my walk.
  • Daily use of The Stick to loosen up my muscles.
  • Getting more experience running.
  • Post-walk stretching.

I also did something today I thought quite impossible last week. I ran 1 mile. Actually, I ran 2.25 miles in total, but the first mile was the real ground breaker. I have not run a mile since I was 8 years old (a quarter century!) The key was my significantly reduced running speed. I started off with a slow walk for the first quarter mile, then started my slow run just as I caught up to a guy talking on his cell phone and a woman being dragged by two feisty dogs. I then planned to run a half mile, but felt good enough to keep going on for a mile. I walked the next half mile, then ran from there to the end.

I didn’t break my best time for the 3 miler, that is how much slower I was running. I did try to break my record, sprinting the last 200 feet, but came 12 seconds shy of a new record. That little sprint was a bad idea, but it does show how motivated I am and how much energy I still had in the tank at the end. Saturday is 8 miles. I’m not sure how much of that I will run, but I’ll probably take the first few miles pretty easy.

Training update: Exercise: Walked and ran 3 miles in 39 minutes and 30 seconds (4.56 mph with 2.25 miles of that running)