Now to the other half of the story I was telling in my last post. After my workout on Saturday, I decided to head over to Fleet Feet in Brentwood to see about getting some new shoes and some general advice about my shin splints and running. It was incredibly busy when I got there, so I browsed for a few minutes. I was then helped by Christi Beth (who it turns out is co-owner of the joint with her husband). She asked me what I was training for, what my problems were, how much experience I had, examined my gait, sized my feet, had me stand in embarrassing positions, and then pulled out a couple of pairs of shoes she thought would be right for me. We tried on both pairs and after walking and jogging in both pairs, I settled on the New Balance 760 stability shoe. I also sprang for a pair of the Balega running socks I had used to try on the shoes.

I found out a little about my shin pain. First, I’m definitely trying to do too much too soon. Christi Beth said my mileage was pretty high to only be 4 weeks into training. She said that it takes at least six to eight weeks for your body to get used to the pounding of walking and running. At my weight it’s probably going to take longer than that I suspect. Another thing was that I am doing things the wrong way when I walk. I do a few stretches and then immediately start out on a fast pace. She told me to not stretch and to walk at least five minutes at a moderate pace before trying to ramp up my pace. She also pointed out the extreme tightness of my calves and said that they should be much looser. I bought The Stick (no, not that The Stick) to help me limber up my calves, and if nothing else, it makes my sore muscles feel better. If you live in the Nashville area, check out the Fleet Feet in Brentwood. They are super nice and will get you hooked up with a good pair of shoes (or other running gear) and some good advice for your running adventures.

My last new resource is Runner’s World Complete Book of Running. It has all kinds of information for new and experienced runners. The biggest tip I’ve learned from it so far is that when I am running, I run WAY too fast. If you’re interested in getting a digital subscription to Runner’s World magazine, you can get one free when you buy a Sportline pedometer at Target. The pedometer is $4.99 and useless, but it’s a cheap way to get the subscription. The book is about $20.

Training update: Weight: 238.4 lbs (2.2 lbs lost since last week and below 240 lbs for the first time in 20 years!) Exercise: Walked and ran 3 miles in 44 minutes and 53 seconds (4.01 mph)