My last post was pretty bleak. I was suffering from shin splints and behind the scenes I was worried that my training might be in jeopardy. Untreated shin splints can lead to stress fractures and can also mean weeks of recovery. To do my best to prevent this, I made the hard decision to stop running and just walk the 7 miles I had scheduled for today.

I started today by not stretching and just walking slow for the first half mile. I had a little pain, but it quickly vanished and I turned up the speed. Things went well until I got about two miles into my walk. Just past the 2.25 mile marker the trail was flooded, so I couldn’t go to the 2.5 marker as planned. I briefly considered just forgetting the 0.5 miles I’d lose considering the shin splint situation, but I decided that I would instead challenge myself by repeating the long slope between the 1.75 and 2.0 mile markers.

Another milestone came at the 0.5 mile marker (I was doing the trail backwards today). I was feeling so well, and the woman in front of me was so annoying that I decided to start jogging. I jogged all the way to the 0.25 mile marker which is farther than I’ve jogged at one time in years. I was pretty winded, but the pain was minimal. I did my turnaround and when I came back I jogged that same section again as well as two more which gave me a complete mile of jogging. I also ran (and I mean RAN) up the last hill before getting to my car. It felt good and my spirits were lifted knowing that my shin splint problem might not be as serious as I first thought.

Amazingly, this is only half (maybe only two fifths) of the story. I might do a rare non-walking day post tomorrow to finish the story and at the very least I’ll include it in my Tuesday update.

Training update: Exercise: Walked and jogged 7 miles in 1 hour, 41 minutes, and 50 seconds (4.12 mph with 1 mile of that jogging)