Today’s walk was a real grind. It was cold (32°F or 0°C) and I started off by not warming up or stretching properly. Really, it started even before that. I went to Target to get some new headphones (Philips SHS3200 model earhook headphones $14, they work great!) and a wrist worn stopwatch (on sale for $7). In that same shopping center, there is the far trail head of the greenway I normally use. The plan was to walk the trail to the dam (my normal starting point) and then walk back for a total of 6 miles. As I’m walking up to the trail head, a guy comes up and tells me the trail is flooded. So I end up going back to the dam to start where I normally do.

When I get there, I only stretch for a few seconds. I feel self conscious about stretching, like people are going to think I’m doing it wrong or something, then I just start walking. I do pretty well for the first five minutes, but when I start jogging, my right calf gets really tense and stays that way for about three miles. It wasn’t really cramping, it was just tense, like I was constantly flexing it. I pushed on through though and started feeling better although a little tired. I also encountered several hills which I am not used to since my normal three miles is on relatively flat terrain. There was a lot of heavy breathing going on after the jogging segments today. I ended with a two minute jogging session and a longer than normal cool down walk.

I think part of my leg problems might be due to the shoes I am wearing. I have some New Balance running shoes I got on clearance and I’m not confident they are giving me the support I need. I also have some Brooks Addiction 7 running shoes that I’ve had a for a few years that I wear to work. On Tuesday I think I’m going to give them a try and see how they work. If they do work out better, I might start wearing the clearance sale shoes to work and my $100 running shoes to run. What a novel idea!

Again I walked five minutes and jogged one minute with the last jogging session being two minutes for a total of 14 minutes jogging. On Tuesday I plan to walk four minutes and jog one minute and I might bump my Thursday session up to four miles a couple weeks ahead of schedule if I think it is prudent.

Training update: Exercise: Walked and jogged 6 miles in 1 hour 20 minutes and 21 seconds (4.48 mph)