My plan today was to walk 5 miles. However, yesterday an event occurred here in Nashville that we are simply referring to as #TheSituation2010. Okay, so it snowed about 4 inches. Normally an event such as this would start the slow doom of any weight loss/exercise plan that I had started. But this time I am determined and neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night shall stay me from my appointed goal.

I would say that I walked 5 miles today, but that’s too simple. It was more of a journey. On the one hand, there were spinning cars, people trying to sled over me, people trying to drive over me, 4 inches of snow to trudge through, and slick patches of ice to tiptoe over. But there was also great beauty in the lonely greenway trail and a sense of accomplishment when I returned home.

Again I experimented with slow jogging during my walk. I jogged for one minute at a time at irregular intervals, mostly depending on the footing. I did not count the exact number of times I jogged, but it was at least 8 times. My normal walking pace was much slower, but as I said above, there where many perils and quite a bit of trudging that had to be done.

Training update: Exercise: Walked 5 miles in 1 hour, 28 minutes, and 44 seconds (3.38 mph, off the pace, but pretty good considering the conditions)