My walking attire so far has just been a hodge-podge of stuff I’ve already owned or bought on the cheap. I’ve got some New Balance running shoes I bought on sale, various t-shirts or long sleeve shirts (depending on the weather), some Smartwool hiking socks acquired many moons ago, a nylon Tennessee Titans jacket, a Nashville Sounds ball cap or a knitted beanie (depending on the weather), and finally my good old gray sweatpants I’ve had since long before I can remember. The sweatpants are comfy, but the draw string is long-lost and at 3XL in size they are just too big for me.

The problem came to a head today as I experimented with jogging for brief periods during my walk. I ran for one minute at regular intervals (approximately every half mile or so) for a total of four minutes running. The running part went pretty well, but all the added action was causing my pants to fall off and I couldn’t get into a good rhythm. They are even becoming a nuisance while walking as I’m constantly having to pull them up. Since I don’t have any other sweatpants that fit me any better (most are in fact even bigger), I broke down and bought some new running pants after my walk today. They were $30 at Kohl’s, but they were on sale for half off (and I got a $10 coupon I might end up using as well).

I’ve yet to try these pants out walking. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Training update: Exercise (yesterday): 11 minutes on the elliptical and 12 minutes on the treadmill plus some ambling around the parking lot of my apartment complex Exercise (today): Walked 3 miles in 42 minutes and 15 seconds (4.26 mph) with 4 minutes of that jogging