My plan is to walk the Nashville 1/2 marathon in April (the 24th to be exact). Actually, I plan to walk it in under 3.5 hours. But now I’m thinking I might be able to walk it in 3 hours. This would require me to walk at a pace of 4.3667 mph. So as part of my training, I decided to start aiming for speed as well as distance.

When I walked today I did make one error. I did not warm up and immediately started out at a fast pace. My legs hurt and burned for the first mile, but I did not slow down since I was already committed to that pace. Once I pushed past the first mile, I loosened up and started to feel better. I think I might have to start taking a lap around the parking lot at my apartment complex to warm up before heading over to the greenway (PDF) to walk.

Training update: Exercise: Walked 4.5 miles in 1 hour and 5 minutes (4.15 mph)