Lost Ideas

Question_Mark_by_norbert79So while I’m out spending hours upon hours walking I have a lot of time to think. Sometimes I am just trying to be mindful. Other times I am thinking about everything under the Sun like the weather, the birds, that squirrel, lizards, work, my wife, other people on the green way, &c. I also have tons and tons of great ideas for blog posts and things to do around the house and new inventions and programs to write and solutions to world problems… you get the picture.

The problem is that when I get those really special thoughts on mile one of ten, they don’t stick around. At walk’s end I’m usually more concerned with syncing my Fitbit or how hot my Powerade Zero is. And even when I do remember that I had an awesome idea, I usually can’t remember what the heck it even was!

So that leaves me with trying to figure out a way to record those thoughts. I like to “run light” so I usually don’t have a phone with me, or anything else that I’m not wearing. It’s a quandary for sure and I’d appreciate any suggestions I can get.

Oh the Pain!

fam-guy-painI’ve forgotten a few things about starting a walk/running program and losing weight. First, there’s the pain. My legs really hurt. When I started to walk/run a couple of weeks ago I was having a hard time with the pain, even up to today. But as my joints protested this afternoon and my calves burned and my feet ached, I suddenly remembered the pain.

I’ve done this before. I started walking and running in 2010 and so I’ve been through all of this before. But five years is a long time and I’ve forgotten a few things, one being the pain. The pain doesn’t all go away, but after a few months there is much less pain as your legs adjust and your weight decreases.

Another thing I had forgotten was that when I started transitioning from walking to running, my running was very slow. In fact, I could walk faster than I could run when I first started out. Until today, I had been trying a few minutes of running, but it had been at nearly a full sprint. I decided to slow it down to just above a walking pace and things went better.

The last thing I remembered was how incredibly hard it is to lose weight and start running at the same time. When you think about it, it doesn’t make much sense. You’re asking your body to do a lot more with a lot less. To lose weight, you need to eat less calories than you burn. However, when you start doing vigorous exercise, you need more calories to get it done. Your body compensates by burning fat, but it really takes a lot out of you! I’m now remembering the constant balance I had to keep in 2010 to eat just enough calories to finish my runs without overeating and not losing any weight or under-eating and bonking on the greenway.



The Second Post

theNumberTwoThe second post of a health and fitness blog is always the hardest. Having not developed a habit of posting, and not having any real progress to report makes it difficult to think of what you are going to talk about. Luckily I set myself up  in my previous post with some topics to talk about for my first few posts. Unluckily, I have already made significant progress on those topics and will have to come up with some new things to talk about in future posts.

  1. Acknowledging my issues with health and acknowledging the immediacy of action regarding those problems. I think I’ve made some good progress on this front. I’ve been to two counseling sessions so far to help with my mental issues and I’ve also started watching what I eat and exercising.
  2. Finding an accountability/workout buddy. I have someone at work who also is in need of some accountability, so we are going work out together. I have also tried to up the number people on my Fitbit friends list. You can check out my Fitbit profile by clicking on this link. Feel free to send me a friend request.
  3. Developing a healthy eating plan. To address the immediacy of the need on this one, I’ve jumped right into MyFitnessPal and started counting calories. I’ve also decided to try to eat a better quality of food instead of just all junk. I’m mainly just focusing on the eating less right now though. Feel free to friend me on MyFitnessPal too, and here’s a convenient link to my profile.
  4. Developing a healthy exercise plan. This one has been greatly facilitated by my Fitbit. I have set a step goal of 10,000 steps per day. I have also obtained a gym membership through my health insurer that lets me go to any number of gyms throughout the city. I might actually be overdoing it a bit on this one as a guy at the gym tonight told me to slow down on the treadmill or I’d kill my knees. Good advice and I did my best to adhere to it the rest of my walk.

Overall I think I’m doing a lot better this week than I was last week at this same time. I feel better physically and mentally.  I still have a long way to go, but this is the most optimistic I’ve been in a long time.

Starting Over… Again


Well, here I am, starting over again. It’s been a rough road getting to 300 lbs (136 Kg). To be really honest, I’m struggling. My main problem now is extreme overeating and lack of exercise.

My biggest barrier to exercise is simply the sheer amount of weight I have put on. I have gained 30 lbs in the last year and nearly 100 lbs since February of 2011 to reach the 300 lbs mark. Everything I do takes a great amount of effort and even small things like going up one flight of stairs leave me out of breath.

My overeating is somewhat more complicated. I have depression issues that have greatly contributed to the overeating. I also have just a general lack of willpower when it comes to saying no about eating.

Any efforts I have made in the past couple of years has been very short lived. Nothing I have done has lasted more than just a few days. It’s time for a change.

So, here are the steps I have decided I need to take right now to get me started:

  1. Acknowledge that I have problems surrounding my health and weight and that something needs to be done immediately to work on those problems
  2. Find an accountability/workout buddy
  3. Develop a healthy eating plan
  4. Develop a healthy exercise plan

I have already started on #1 just by putting this blog post up. I have also set up an appointment with a councilor to see if I can work on my depression issues and mind issues.

As for #2 I have found a friend at work that is willing to work out with me. She’s in a similar boat as me, although not as bad out of shape as I am.

#3 and #4 will need further thinking and planning. One thing that I’ve already done regarding exercise is purchase some workout clothes that fit me. All of my old workout clothes were too tight and I know that I won’t work out if I’m not comfortable. The eating plan will have to wait until I’ve talked to a councilor.

Where do I go from here? I think my next few posts will concentrate on the four steps I’ve mentioned here. I don’t want to move on, until I’ve got these things figured out. Suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.