Starting Over… Again


Well, here I am, starting over again. It’s been a rough road getting to 300 lbs (136 Kg). To be really honest, I’m struggling. My main problem now is extreme overeating and lack of exercise.

My biggest barrier to exercise is simply the sheer amount of weight I have put on. I have gained 30 lbs in the last year and nearly 100 lbs since February of 2011 to reach the 300 lbs mark. Everything I do takes a great amount of effort and even small things like going up one flight of stairs leave me out of breath.

My overeating is somewhat more complicated. I have depression issues that have greatly contributed to the overeating. I also have just a general lack of willpower when it comes to saying no about eating.

Any efforts I have made in the past couple of years has been very short lived. Nothing I have done has lasted more than just a few days. It’s time for a change.

So, here are the steps I have decided I need to take right now to get me started:

  1. Acknowledge that I have problems surrounding my health and weight and that something needs to be done immediately to work on those problems
  2. Find an accountability/workout buddy
  3. Develop a healthy eating plan
  4. Develop a healthy exercise plan

I have already started on #1 just by putting this blog post up. I have also set up an appointment with a councilor to see if I can work on my depression issues and mind issues.

As for #2 I have found a friend at work that is willing to work out with me. She’s in a similar boat as me, although not as bad out of shape as I am.

#3 and #4 will need further thinking and planning. One thing that I’ve already done regarding exercise is purchase some workout clothes that fit me. All of my old workout clothes were too tight and I know that I won’t work out if I’m not comfortable. The eating plan will have to wait until I’ve talked to a councilor.

Where do I go from here? I think my next few posts will concentrate on the four steps I’ve mentioned here. I don’t want to move on, until I’ve got these things figured out. Suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.